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Country music's family man meets Birmingham's family man

Tuesday afternoon, country music singer Craig Campbell's tour bus pulled onto Forest Parkway in Alabaster. Country music's family man had come to meet Birmingham's family man.

102.5 The Bull held a "Family Man" contest in honor of Campbell's single titled "Family Man," and Campbell showed up to greet the winner in person.

Johnathan Beaird couldn't believe it when Campbell walked up to his front door. Beaird was met with a handshake and his wife with a hug. Campbell had brought his family and band members along, too.

"There's a tour bus outside my house! This is crazy! I don't know what to say. This is unbelievable," said Beaird.

After a few minutes of introductions, Campbell sat down with Beaird and his wife, Amanda Oden, at their kitchen table and pulled out his checkbook.

"What kind of bills do you guys have?" asked Campbell.

Campbell wrote down all the couple's bills for the month, and wrote them a $2,500 check to help cover the expenses.

"There's nobody better who deserves it. I'm so glad we could come down and do this," explained Campbel.

In Oden's entry for the contest, she explained that when she and Beaird first met, she had just found out her younger brother was diagnosed with cancer. Beaird made it clear to her that he would support them emotionally and financially.

Oden's brother passed away in March, but Beaird stood by her side through it all. And in her eyes, that made him the ultimate family man.

"He stepped into it not having to take it on. He didn't have to take that responsibility on. Me, my four-year-old son, my brother with cancer – he didn't have to take that on. So, that's an ultimate family man to step up," explained Oden.

"It's just what I felt I had to do. That's it. If you're going to step into someone's life, you take everything. There were some hard times. There were some real hard times, but it all came together," said Beaird.

Campbell and his band set up in the living room and played a few songs including "Family Man."

The couple had planned their wedding ceremony for March, but it was cancelled when Oden's brother died. They hope to have it in August.     

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