Talladega Superspeedway offers weather updates for fans


The Talladega Superspeedway is urging fans to keep a close eye on the weather and take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure their safety as storms are expected to move into the area Friday afternoon. The Talledgea County EMA and National Weather Service personnel are on site and will be sending out weather updates in the following ways:

NOAA Weather radio: area code 001121

Talledega EMA Facebook: Talledega EMA

Talledega EMA Twitter: @readytalladega

Free Text Updates – Text the code 35160 to 888-777

Local Radio – 92.7 FM

If the storms become severe, the American Red Cross recommends that race fans seek shelter in a vehicle, buckle up, and turn on the motor, according to a weather statement issued by the Talledega Superspeedway.

The number one thing for fans is to have a plan in case severe weather hits, Steve Dover, a spokesperson for the Talledega EMA, said.

If there are tornado warnings issued for the county and it looks like a significant number of people are leaving the Superspeedway to seek shelter, the EMA says they will follow the one-way traffic plan that is normally in effect at the end of a race.

Many fans FOX 6 spoke with said they are planning to "hunker down" and endure the bad weather, rather than leave the campground.

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