Gardendale considers relocating city jail

GARDENDALE, AL (WBRC) - Some folks in Gardendale are worried about living in fear.

That's because the city council is considering relocating the jail and placing the new one near a neighborhood. A new jail and police department could be located next to the fire department on Highway 31.

There's a neighborhood behind that location. Some folks who live in that neighborhood say the inmates in the jail would pose a threat because they could escape.

Gardendale's mayor says 'if' the council decides to move the jail to the Highway 31 location, public safety would not be jeopardized.

Mayor Othell Phillips said, "All of the felons are transported to the Jefferson County jail, so we don't house felons in our jail. Nothing would change from what we are doing here at this location."

Gardendale resident Bill Clemon said, "How do we know they are not a credible threat. We have had violent crimes here before in Gardendale and they have to be housed there at some point."

Gardendale's city hall could also be relocating from Fieldstown Road to a new location.

At the next city council meeting the mayor will do a presentation about the possible changes and the options the council is reviewing.

The meeting is on Monday at 6:00pm.

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