Families affected by tainted IV's speak out

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - On the same day the Alabama Public Health Department announced the cause of contaminated nutritional IV's, two families spoke out about the loss and suffering of loved ones.

State Health Officer Dr. Don Williamson says contamination in the sterilization process lead to the problem.

Lavonne Mottern, 71, was in the process of moving from Indiana back to south Alabama when she became ill visiting her son in Alabaster in March.  She underwent surgery at Princeton Medical Center. Lavonne Mottern returned to hospital after failing to heal properly. She was put on TPN IV which was made by Meds IV in Birmingham. The mother and grandmother later died.

"I took a very strong woman to the hospital, who was recuperating fine and within a few short days we lost my mother," DJ Mottern said of his mother.

Anthony Todd Hammond, 43, was on dialysis. He went to Select Specialty at Trinity Medical Center and his mother, ShirleyHaynesworth, said after being put on the TPN IV, he developed a fever of 105 degrees.

"Ever since then his mind has not been the same. Very agitated. He has no perception of time," Haynesworth said.

The families have filed lawsuits because of the contamination.

"The word hollow make sense to you? Incomplete. We lost the matriarch of our family," DJ Mottern said.

Hammond's sister said it has taken a toll on her mother to take care of her brother.

"And to my mother. Her life has been taken from her because she is now his total caregiver," Andreana Hammond said.

The families' attorney reacted to news of the possible cause of the contamination being released Thursday.

"I think the nature and extent of the contamination was shocking. I think those cultures are the smoking gun." Shay Samples, their attorney said.

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