Nabeel's® Classic Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes

Nabeel's® Classic Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes

If you ask any Greek what is his or her favorite dish is, the reply will probably be "Roasted Lamb". If you inquire further, they will start to describe the taste and the crackling skin of the Roasted Leg of Lamb. This recipe has been requested by several of our customers and from two good friends of my wife's "Our Lady of Sorrows" choir.

This is the food Greeks associate with religious and family Feasts - Easter, Christmas and other joyous occasions. Fragrant with garlic, oregano, and basted with fresh lemon juice, which compliment the flavor of the lamb meat. The potatoes cooked in the same pan, absorb all the flavors and juices and become tender with crispy tops and taste delicious! It is the most favored dish for Easter, which is the most celebrated Christian feast in whole of Greece.

8 cloves cut in half
5 tablespoons of oregano

1/2 a lb. Kefalograviera*

or Parmesan cheese cut in small cubes
salt and pepper
1 ¼ cups of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 cup of water
7-10 pound bone-in leg of lamb
4-5 lemons
6-8 potatoes peeled and cut length wise

2-3 sprigs of fresh rosemary

Make about 15 slits with a sharp knife all over the lamb and insert in sequence, parmesan cheese, garlic, a pinch of salt, pepper, and a pinch of oregano. Do the same for all other slits. Cut each potato in half and peel. Cut the half potatoes in long slices and place in the pan. Squeeze 2-3 lemons over the lamb and the potatoes. Sprinkle oregano over the leg of lamb and the potatoes. Pour the olive oil over the lamb and the potatoes. Pour the water over the lamb and the potatoes. Place the sprigs of rosemary, after you separate them, over the lamb and the potatoes.

Warm the oven to 350 F. Place the pan uncovered in the oven and cook for approximately 1 hour. Periodically check the lamb and baste with the juices. With either a meat thermometer or a sharp knife check to see if meat is done.  When meat is done (it may take 2 hours) turn the oven to BROIL at 450F, for about 5 minutes, or until the surface is deep brown and crackling, continue basting withe juices. Remove from the oven, carve the lamb and serve with the potatoes.

Serves 6-10

* Available at Nabeel's® International Market

Noon Cooking - April 7, 2011