Unlimited data plans may be on their way out

With all of the discussion of data caps for wired and wireless networks, the idea of unlimited data is a temptation that is hard for many to resist.

An article on PCWorld.com says that the unlimited data plans for Verizon and Sprint could be coming to an end soon. Verizon CFO Fran Shammo told investors that tiered pricing should come this summer to Verizon and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse reportedly stated "Maybe, and maybe not," when asked if Sprint would keep their unlimited data plans. Hesse has recently been seen in commercials where he sang the praises of Sprint's $10 unlimited smartphone data plan.

T-Mobile currently offers unlimited smartphone data at the lowest price of $99.99 a month for voice, data and texting, but does warn of throttling for those who use more than 5GB a month per device.

Currently, some unlimited data plans are still feasible by companies like Sprint and T-Mobile, who have the lowest amounts of traffic on their networks. Experts say that eventually the ability to offer low-cost unlimited data plans will become too much of a burden.

For more info on this story, read the article on PCWorld.com.

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