Ross Bridge Resort receives four-diamond status

Birmingham's Ross Bridge Resort is part of a record-breaking year for the Retirement Systems of Alabama properties.

Ross Bridge is one of eight hotels and restaurants owned by the RSA that received AAA's four-diamond award this year, the most ever to one group in Alabama.

Overall, 15 properties statewide got the honor this year. That's compared to just two a few years ago, and AAA's spokesperson says that notoriety helps every hotel statewide.

"A lot of other properties that are out there could reach four-diamond status in the next few years, and hopefully we'll continue to build this and grow these properties," said Clay Ingram. "Alabama's a great tourist destination and having these 4-diamond properties is a real plus to drawing people into the state."

"To us it speaks to consistency, and it's more difficult the older a property gets," said Steve Miller, General Manager of Ross Bridge. "So it keeps us on our guard, makes sure there's no surprise when a customer comes here, it's a world-recognized standard of excellence, and one we're very proud of."  

The RSA is also the majority lender to Raycom Media, WBRC's parent company.

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