Commissioners looking at worker hour cuts

Jefferson County commissioners will vote next week whether or not to close four satellite courthouses, and cut employee's work hours by a day to help save the county millions.

If commissioners vote for a resolution, county hourly workers will be put on a 32 hour work week which will save the county $9 million this year, and $21 million annually.

"Hopefully this is a temporary situation but we can't wait to react until we are totally out of cash," Jefferson County Commission President David Carrington said. "We've got to start conserving cash."

Commissioners say that labor laws prevent them from reducing the work hours for management and salaried workers. Kathy Burleson, a land management employee said two years ago, this created major problems for her office.

"I have five staff in my office and at least one day a week we were down to one maybe two," Burleson said.

County commissioners said unless Alabama lawmakers provide some sort of new tax or give them taxing authority they are looking at keeping these cuts permanently.

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