Jeffco/Birmingham animal control agreement goes to the dogs

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County and the city of Birmingham are at odds over animal control in the area. On Tuesday, Birmingham officials expressed that they might decide to deal with animal control in the city on their own.

The reason for the disagreement is that Birmingham only wants to deal with non-profit organizations when it comes to animal control. Jefferson County would like to have for-profits and non-profits in the effort, so costs will stay down.

Currently, Birmingham is paying for 65% of the animal control budget in the area with Jefferson County paying the rest. Jefferson County owns the animal control building, but Birmingham owns the land it is on.

Jefferson County Commission President David Carrington says he is disappointed over the lack of agreement. He also says he is worried that the county will have to have separate agreements with the 35 other cities in the area.

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