Brighton bingo hall raided, Fairfield businesses reconsider

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - After a Brighton bingo hall was raided, two bingo halls in Midfield decided to shut down.
In nearby Fairfield city officials are urging bingo halls not to re-open.

Some Fairfield bingo halls were preparing to re-open until the Brighton bingo hall was raided.

Fairfield City Attorney Michael Trucks has now urged city officials not to issue permits to bingo hall operators.

He's asking bingo hall operators to hold off on re-opening because of the threat of being raided.

In Midfield, there were plenty of disappointed people who walked up to e-bingo establishments only to find the doors locked.

Fairfield's city attorney is hoping this will all be settled in court on April 15th. There's a hearing on the legality on e-bingo.
He says there is no future in e-bingo in Fairfield until it's clear that bingo halls can operate without being raided..

Trucks said, "I think that's regrettable. I think a number of people continue to be unemployed and the city is deprived of a tremendous revenue source. I think there are a lot of citizens deprived of an activity they truly enjoy."

Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale wants to continue to shut down e-bingo halls that he says are illegal. But he will have to do it without the help of state troopers.

The Department of Public Safety refused to assist because a spokesperson says it's a local matter and should be handled by Jefferson County authorities.

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