“Anonymous” goes after Sony

The hacker collective known has "Anonymous" has set their sights upon electronics giant Sony. An article on tech site ArsTechnica.com says the company's online store is under attack and a denial of service attack has taken down playstation.com temporarily.

The new strike comes as a reaction to Sony's lawsuit against hacker George Hotz, who hacked the Playstation 3 to where it will run any type of software or pirated game. Hotz says he was hacking to return the Playstation 3's ability to install a different operating system, a feature that had been nixed by Sony in an update to the console.

Anonymous, in their manifesto about the operation, says Sony is trampling the rights of consumers to use products they have paid for in a manner of their choosing.

For more on this story, read the article at ArsTechnica.com.

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