Daughter speaks out on mother's death from tainted IV bag

BIRMINGHAM,AL (WBRC) - The daughter of one of the patients who died after being given a contaminated IV bag is speaking out. Emma Douglas says her 94-year old mom Lunna Powell went to the hospital for surgery and was beginning to recover when she suddenly took a turn for the worse. Powell went to Princeton Baptist hospital on Sunday February 28th complaining of stomach pains. Her daughter says doctors operated on her early in the week, and by Thursday she was feeling better and walking around. But she took a turn for the worse Friday night. "She told me not to leave her, to stay with her," Douglas said. "I said 'mother I can't stay with you in the ICU,' so she said 'well ok, well I'll see you tomorrow.' They called me at 5:30 Saturday morning, and when I got to the hospital my mother had passed. I couldn't see her leaving like that because she was in good spirits and everything Thursday." Douglas says she knew something was wrong back in early March, but it wasn't until early this week that her mom's doctor called to tell Ms. Powell had been given an IV bag contaminated with a lethal bacteria. Powell was 1 of 9 patients who died after getting an IV bag mixed by Birmingham pharmacy Meds IV. "Well I was just hurt, and losing my mother that way was just a hurtful thing and painful," Douglas said. "Knowing that maybe it could've been prevented, I just don't know." Friday, federal agents removed boxes of potential evidence from the pharmacy and the company and its owner aren't answering their phones, and their website appears to be partially shutdown. But that isn't stopping Douglas from suing the company for product liability. "It makes me mad that somebody thinks that if they just close down and move away, that they're not gonna be found, that they're not gonna be held responsible," said attorney Leila Watson, who represents Douglas. "It just breaks my heart to know that she's gone, and we don't have her anymore," Douglas said. There are now at least 3 lawsuits pending against either the pharmacy or 1 of the 6 hospitals statewide where patients died after getting a contaminated IV bag. The investigation of these deaths is being run by the CDC in Atlanta.

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