Gov. Bentley addresses statewide proration in Trussville

Governor Robert Bentley addressed around 100 people at a Trussville Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the new Hilton Garden Inn Friday at 8 a.m.

During his speech, the governor gave an update on the financial condition of the state, including the 15 percent proration declaration he signed into effect Thursday.

Bentley said the cuts did not come as a surprise because his administration had discussed the upcoming proration for weeks with the various agencies affected.

"We have asked that some agencies be able to give a few furlough jobs. We think that will save jobs. We don't want people to lose their jobs," Bentley said.

"What's worse? Having to take off a few days or totally losing your job? It's a no-brainer to me," he continued.

While several agencies are hoping not to see any layoffs as an effect of the 15 percent cut, the state court system and Department of Agriculture and Industries have already announced layoffs are inevitable.

Bentley also said his administration is trying to raising funds for the state by closing two corporate tax loopholes that currently cost Alabama around $30 million. Multi-state businesses are able to dramatically reduce their tax bill due to the loophole, which will hopefully be closed soon.

Bentley said the state will continue to seek to attract new industries and encourage the expansion of existing businesses in order to bring more jobs to the state.

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