Gov. Bentley declares 15 percent proration

Governor Robert Bentley signed a declaration of a 15 percent proration of Alabama's general fund budget Thursday, March 31. The proration declaration will be in effect for the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year, which ends September 30. The measure was deemed necessary due to the $100 million shortfall in the general fund's budget.

Deficit spending is prohibited by Alabama's Constitution, so whenever the state's revenue dips below appropriations, the governor must make cuts to the budget across the board.

"In order to balance the budget, I have no choice but to declare 15-percent proration of the general fund budget," said Governor Bentley. "For some time we have anticipated the need to do this, and now that we have protected certain agencies from budget cuts, we must take this action."

Bentley signed the declaration after signing a bill that gives supplemental appropriations for specific health and public safety agencies and the Ethics Commission. The Alabama State Legislature passed the supplemental appropriations bill today.

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