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Government funding new panic app

Red Alert! Cops coming and you're concerned about deleting what's on your cell phone in case it's confiscated? Thanks to the U.S. Government, there will be an app for that - the panic button app will be able to wipe phones.

There's a new app being developed by the U.S. Government and it seems like everyone should want to add it to their phone for all kinds of different reasons. If a cell phone is confiscated by police or government agency, the panic button app will wipe the cell phone's address book, history, text messages and broadcast the arrest as an emergency alert to fellow activists.

Michael Posner, assistant U.S. secretary of state for human rights and labor, said, "We've been trying to keep below the radar on this, because a lot of the people we are working with are operating in very sensitive environments," MSNBC reported..."The world is full of ... governments and other authorities who are capable of breaking into that system." Posner added, the goal is "to protect people who are, in a peaceful manner, working for human rights and working to have a more open debate."

Since 2008, the U.S. has budgeted about $50 million to promote new tech to help out social activists. Secretary Hillary Clinton is behind the U.S. technology initiative to "expand Internet freedoms."

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