Father charged with manslaughter in son's death

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Court testimonials in the murder trial of Curtis Brown showed that an argument over beer ended with a father pulling the trigger on his son.

Thursday, 57-year-old Curtis Brown was charged in the murder of his 26-year-old son Michael Brown, which occurred February 9, 2011.

Birmingham Homicide Detective John Tanks testified in court that he was called to the scene of the shooting and spoke with Dianne Brown, the defendant's wife and victim's mother. She said she heard the two men arguing and her son said, "Go ahead and shoot me with that .22." A gunshot followed that remark.

The detective also said he spoke with Curtis Brown, who admitted that he and his son were arguing over beer when they began fighting. The son was winning the fight, so Curtis Brown pulled a gun in order to scare him. The gun went off and shot the son, who later died from his wound in the UAB hospital.

During the trial, defense attorney Mitch Damsky questioned Detective Tanks about the son's drug use and his state at the time of the fight.

Judge Sheldon Watkins bound the defendant over to a grand jury but reduced the charges from murder to man-slaughter.

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