Jeffco Commissioners discuss money with delegation

All five members of the Jefferson County Commission headed to Montgomery on Wednesday to talk with the Jefferson County delegation over their dire financial situation.

Commissioners took time to describe their money issues, focusing mainly on their recent loss of the occupational tax. The tax loss is reported to cost the county around $70 million in  funds. Commissioners told the delegation on Wednesday that the need to find a way to replace $40-$50 million of the tax money.

Members of the delegation say they are very unlikely to consider passing another tax for the county.

The talk of the meeting came to rest on the delegation asking commissioners about earmarking funds. Representative John Rogers said the earmarking would not work if it took money away from the indigent care fund and he would fight any proposals that attempted to do so.

Commissioners say that if they fail to find a way to replace the money, they will be in crisis mode. At that point, commissioners expect to implement the cuts that the county saw 2 years ago.

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