Hail increased body shop business

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - This past weekend's strong storms came with a lot of damaging hail.
Hundreds of vehicle owners have insurance agencies and body shops busy. Folks are scrambling to try to get those dents and dings repaired.

Two-hundred vehicles came in to Gunter Body Shop and Auto Glass in Jasper by Tuesday afternoon.

The dents on some vehicles were hard to capture with our camera but some had hundreds of them.

State Farm set up extra claims locations to handle the heavy volume of customers. State Farm representative Jim Aldridge said, "We are going to be writing estimate and paying damages all this week into next week."

Mack Gunter owns Gunter Body Shop and Auto Glass. He said, "I've been doing this for a long time and been through a lot of hail storms. This has been the biggest one so far, a lot of claims."

Hollis Mitchell of Jasper had hail damage to two of his vehicles.

A repairman at Gunter Body Shop circled the dents on the hood of Mitchell's truck, preparing for the meticulous process of repairing the damage.

Mitchell said, "It was loud crashing thunderous hail it was amazing. We weren't thinking at the time about the hail and what it was doing to the roof and cars."

Car dealerships in Jasper also had vehicles with hail damage and lots of homes in Alabama had roof damage.

State farm will have the extra claims locations set up in Alabama through Saturday.

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