Bomb threat disrupts Wilsonville Elementary

WILSONVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Wilsonville Elementary School has resumed normal operations after the day was interrupted by a bomb threat, reports the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. At 12:47 p.m. an administrator from the school called the sheriff's office to report that the school had received a bomb threat phone call. The administrator also put in a call to Shelby County 911.

Deputies from the sheriff's office, Wilsonville Fire and Rescue Department and Southeast Shelby Rescue responded to the scene but found no evidence of a bomb or any other device in the area. No one at the school or among the emergency personnel was injured.

The sheriff's office gave a warning about prank calls in a release about the incident:

"The Sheriff's Office takes these types of calls seriously but emphasizes that prank call scenarios resulting in the deployment of emergency services personnel and assets is illegal under Alabama law and will be prosecuted," according to the release.

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