Suspect identified in stolen police car incident

BIRMINGHAM, ALA. (WBRC) - Trussville Police and other area law enforcement have activated a manhunt looking for a man who stole one of their patrol cars and a weapon out of the vehicle, injuring an officer.

Trussville Police officer Dennis Reid was injured in an altercation with the suspect near Smith Sims Road and Lola City Cutoff Road. Somehow the suspect was able to overpower the officer, steal his patrol car and gun belt.

U.S. Marshals believe the suspect is a "well-known" and "very violent" man who was released from state prison in February.

At around 10:40 a.m., Birmingham Police received a call about the stolen car. Officers recovered the missing vehicle at 20th Place and 14th Avenue North in Birmingham. They also discovered that a weapon was missing from the vehicle.

Reid was taken to UAB and had a CT Scan performed, according to Trussville Police Chief Don Sivley. He broke a bone in his face as well as his jawbone, however he had no internal injuries.

Reid was found walking when officers went to the scene to retrieve him.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case and the investigation.

According to a woman who lives near the scene of the incident, a man was walking around carrying a flat-screen TV over his head shortly before hearing sirens.

The suspect is described as a black male wearing a white T-shirt who fled on foot.

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