Health dept. considering cutting back on restaurant inspections

BIRMINGHAM, ALA. (WBRC) - At one time many, many years ago, restaurants across the state were inspected every month. Over time, those inspections were cut to four times a year and after the last budget crisis, three times a year.

Now, State Health Officer Dr. Donald Williamson says it's possible that your favorite restaurant may one day only get inspected twice a year.  

"You have to size the program to the work that is available and the money available to support the work," Williamson said.

He doesn't believe that this cutback will affect the public's health and safety.

"If you look at other states that inspect restaurants two times a year, they do not have any more food borne outbreaks than Alabama," he said.

Restaurants with critical problems will still undergo additional inspections until the problems are corrected. The two-time-a-year check system is not official yet, but is being seriously considered by the health department.

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