Research predicts nation-leading growth in Shelby County


SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) -  Shelby County may be the place to go in Alabama if you are looking for a job. A new national report predicts that over the next five years, the county will add 10-thousand jobs and it will see some of the fastest economic growth in the country.

The report by Woods & Poole Economics, Inc. predicts the county will see employment growth at an average annual rate of 2.61% over the next four years. That is more than double the national rate of 1.15%.  Shelby County will be among the top ten counties in the nation for annual job growth.

Shelby County manager, Alex Dudchock, said he is not surprised by this report, and hopes it is a sign the worst of the recession is over.  
Dudchock said he believes new businesses want to come to a community that features strong leadership, good schools, and is a safe place to live.  

"A lot of people have worked hard to make our county a destination," said Dudchock. "I think that has helped us through the tough times, and will help us in the future."

Shelby County residents agreed they are proud of where they live and they hope the area continues to grow and thrive.

"It's a great community," said Andy Noble "Everywhere is nice, everything is laid out good, and it is close to get to where you need to go."

"There are great schools and that makes the entire city stronger," said Elizabeth Gunnells.

Shelby County is expected to see the biggest growth in professional and accommodation services and health care. The additional jobs could pump an additional $655 million into the county's economy.

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