JeffCo residents to receive refund after occupational tax decision

JEFFERSON COUNTY, ALA. (WBRC) - Jefferson County residents may soon see a refund in their paychecks after the occupational tax was declared unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court last week, effectively bankrupting the county.

During an executive session of the county commission Tuesday morning, commissioners said they are not going to travel to Montgomery this afternoon to meet with lawmakers about seeking an alternative tax. They have trips planned for later this week to speak with legislators.

After the session there were three big developments dealing with the occupational tax case.

First, the revenue director was ordered to stop collecting the occupational tax and must notify employers to cease deducting it from paychecks.

Second, county attorneys asked for permission to ask Montgomery Circuit Court Judge Charles Price to return money collected from the tax in February to employers, who would then roll the money back into later paychecks.

Third, commissioners have decided they will not ask for a rehearing in front of the State Supreme Court. The deadline to file for that rehearing is Wednesday, Mar. 23.

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