AG says Greenetrack not exempt from law

GREENE COUNTY, ALA. (WBRC) - Greenetrack Greyhound Park in Eutaw is expected to re-open Friday with electronic bingo, however, the attorney general's office has issued a statement explaining its illegality.

Officials at Greenetrack have said they will issue a statement soon explaining their decision.

Late Thursday afternoon, Attorney General Luther Strange's office issued a statement which said they have met with attorneys from Greenetrack and "they are aware of the state's legal position against slot machines and the Supreme Court of Alabama's definition of the game of bingo. This issue will be held like any other law enforcement matter."

State senator Bobby Singleton, who has supported bingo and the jobs it creates in the past, also said that bingo should be coming to the facility Friday.

In July of last year, several 100 machines were removed over a three-day period when the casino's gambling operations were shut down by Governor Bob Riley's illegal gambling task force. Since then it has only operated as a restaurant and would simulcast dog racing events.

Around 350 people lost their jobs after the raid, and Greentrack was the county's largest employer.

Management has said that a different kind of bingo will return to their business as early as noon on Friday.

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