Lasagna Rolls

Lasagna Rolls

1 box lasagna noodles, cooked and cooled

1 small container ricotta cheese

1 jar marinara sauce

1 or 2 small zucchini cut long ways very thinly, baked in oven at 350 until soft

1 ripe tomato, sliced thinly and saluted in 1 teaspoon olive oil

6 or 7 fresh basil leaves

Parmesan cheese

Cut noodles in half short ways to make 2 rectangle noodles.

On each noodle spread about 1 Tablespoon ricotta.

Layer on top of that a basil leaf and a slice of zucchini.

Finally add the saluted tomato and salt and pepper.

Starting at one end roll each noodle up.

Place in a small casserole dish that has a thin layer of marinara sauce.

Add a small amount of marinara on each noodle and cove the ends with sauce.

Add cheese and bake for about 10 minutes or until cheese is golden.

GDA Cooking - March 17, 2011