Citizen helps police capture robbery suspect

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - Bessemer Police say with the help of a citizen, they were able to nab a robbery suspect.

Around 8pm Wednesday evening, a man entered the CVS store at the intersection of Morgan Road and Parkwood Road and proceeded to the pharmacy. Witnesses say he brandished a knife and demanded drugs. The employees complied and the suspect fled.

A citizen saw the crime and followed suspect into brush behind the store while Bessemer Police were notified. Police arrived to find the citizen and created a perimeter to start the search.

"It took us about 45 minutes to locate suspect lying behind a brick wall. He had drugs (oxycontin) pocket," said Sgt Hank Edwards. He added that the citizen helped police get this person off the streets.

There were no injuries and suspect's identity is witheld until he's formally charged.

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