AL Supreme Court affirms occupational tax ruling

By Alan Collins

MONTGOMERY (WBRC) - Wednesday, The Alabama Supreme Court in a 6-0 ruling upheld Montgomery Circuit Judge Charles Price's decision to strike down the occupational tax for Jefferson County.

This will be a loss of about $70 million to the county's budget.  Jefferson County Commissioners are weighing their options. This includes going to the Alabama Legislature with a replacement tax.  
Commissioner Jimmie Stephens says they will consider every option, which includes going to the legislature for help, dramatic cuts in services or layoffs.

Previously, Finance Chairman Stephens has said that with the loss of this tax, the county could run out of money by July 29.

Earlier this month, attorneys for taxpayers who filed the lawsuit contend the county failed to properly advertise the new occupational tax bill before the state legislature passed it in 2008.

Jefferson County attorneys told the state court when former Governor Bob Riley called a special session for the job tax, that was notice enough.

To read the Supreme Court's full opinion, click here.

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