Spring breakers volunteer in Birmingham

By Katie Herrera

ENSLEY (WBRC) - About 100 spring breakers from across the southeast are trading in beach towels for hammers and saws in Birmingham. They are repairing six homes as part of the World Changers project.

On Pike Road in Ensley, a group of about 20 teens and parents were hammering, scraping and sawing Monday afternoon – not the typical day plan for a spring break vacation.

 "The ramp that she had was too steep. So we had to tear it down and rebuild a new one," explained Neil Williams, a volunteer from Tennessee.

Williams and his youth group had actually volunteered in Birmingham last year and were eager to come back this year. Monday they were building a wheel-chair ramp and doing paint-work.

 "It's not just work. You get to be here with friends. You get to worship God. It's just one of those amazing experiences. And it's worth every second that we lose of our spring break to be here doing this," Williams said.

Metro Changers is the local group that organized the spring break project. They repair homes around Birmingham year-round.

 "All year long there's a need. There's about 200 or 300 homes on a waiting list. All we need are volunteers. We've got the materials, and the need is there," said Butch Henderson with Metro Changers.

For Yuvonne Grice, who received a wheel-chair ramp and paint job on Monday, it's a need that otherwise could have never been done.

 "You just don't know. God is blessing me with this," she said.

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