Langford attorneys to appeal conviction in Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA (WBRC) - Attorneys for former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford face a federal appeals court on Tuesday morning. They will appeal his conviction on bribery, fraud, money laundering and conspiracy charges.

Langford's defense team will focus on 3 key arguments. First, they feel Langford's trial, which was held in Tuscaloosa, should have been moved farther away because of pretrial publicity. Second, the Langford team says there is no evidence that Langford offered any bribes. Third, they will say that Judge Scott Coogler allowed evidence he should not have, like how much money Langford won by gambling at casinos. They also say the judge did not allow evidence attorneys say was critical to the case.

The hearing in Atlanta happens at 8 o'clock central time. Langford, who is in federal prison in Kentucky, will not be in court.

There is no doubt that Langford will have supporters watching in Alabama and some who plan to travel to Atlanta.

On Monday, a group gathered at Kelly Ingram Park to pray for Langford's well being and for his release from prison. Supporters say it is important to remember all the things Langford did for the city while he was in office and for them show their support.

 "We are going to pray for his mind, his mind is number one, we will pray for his soul and pray he will be delivered from jail," said vigil organizer Levert Mickens.

Stay with FOX6 News for coverage of the Larry Langford hearing. We will have full coverage online, and on the air. Jonathan Hardison and Ashley Nix are in Atlanta. You can follow Jonathan's live tweets from the courtroom by clicking on the special Langford section on our homepage.

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