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Larry Langford’s supporters hold prayer vigil

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By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -On the eve of a federal appeals court hearing to overturn his 15-year prison sentence, a small group gathered to hold a prayer vigil for former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford.The group of about 20 local residents, supporters and pastors held candles and prayed for Langford's well being, and a positive outcome at Tuesday's hearing.In October 2009, Langford was convicted of 60 counts stemming from his bribery and conviction trial. Langford was found guilty of accepting more than $200,000 from Montgomery investment banker, Bill Blount, Langford's friend in return for getting $7 million in sewer bond work.Birmingham resident Levert Mickens organized the vigil and said it was a good way to show love and support for Langford. "We are praying for his mind, his mind is number one," said Mickens, "We will pray for his soul, and pray he will be delivered from jail." Supporters chanted "free Larry," and also discussed all the positive things he did for the city while he was in office. "My heart goes out to him and his family, my heart is going out to him," said Wanda Jackson, "That is why I feel like I should be here tonight to pray for him." FOX 6's Jonathan Hardison will be live-tweeting the Langford trial tomorrow, which you can follow @LangfordCourt or @Fox6Hardison.

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