Police using stealth to catch litter bugs

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - By Emily Luxen

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - Jasper Police are hoping to crack down on people who litter by patrolling in unmarked cars and keeping an eye out for people who throw trash from cars.

Police Chief Danny Patton said he has received numerous complaints from residents about the problem and they feel police need to do something.  He said litter can be found on roads throughout the city, but some of the worst spots are on freeways and near fast food restaurants.

"The city has spent a lot of money downtown trying to clean it up," said Chief Patton. "It just looks bad when the city has re-done sidewalks and planted trees and flowers and there is garbage on the street."

Patton said officers will now patrol daily in two unmarked vehicles enforcing fines. For a first offense, litter bugs can be fined up to $500 plus court costs. Some resident support the idea.

"The problem has really gotten out of control," said Jasper resident June Duncan. "It's in the city, in the county, and people should be punished."

"It bothers me because there is no need," said Jasper resident Alicia Davis. "There are trash cans all over the place. I would rather trash my car than throw it on the street."

Chief Patton said the patrols will continue until they get the problem under control.

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