Lewd behavior suspects found guilty


By Dixon Hayes
GADSDEN, AL (WBRC) - Nine people arrested during a "lewd behavior" sting at Gadsden's Moragne Park were convicted in Gadsden Municipal Court Thursday.
Eight of the nine either pleaded guilty or were found guilty of the charge of indecent exposure, which means they have to register as sex offenders. They were also fined, received varying amounts of jail time from 29 to 180 days, and all were banned from city parks for two years.  Six of those pleaded not guilty so they could appeal to circuit court, while others pleaded guilty to the charge.
A ninth entered a guilty plea to public lewdness, which does not require the suspect to be registered. Both charges are misdemeanors.
A tenth suspect failed to show for court and Municipal Judge Tom King issued an arrest warrant for him for failure to appear.
The Gadsden Police special projects unit made the arrests in February in response to public complaints. They said earlier this week, some of the arrests took place across Albert Rains Boulevard on the city's Boardwalk. They all took place during daylight hours, either mid-day or late afternoon, according to police.
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