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Vincent group wants city leaders removed


By Emily Luxen

VINCENT, AL (WBRC) -  A group of Vincent residents is trying to oust the mayor and the majority of the town council, but city officials say the efforts are not valid. Tuesday, Vincent resident Charles Cantrell filed a petition with the signatures of 30% of the town's registered voters to recall Mayor Ray McAllister and council members Bridgette Jordan Smith, Johnny Edwards, Larry King and Mary Lee Reynolds.  

Cantrell said the effort stems from the fact that the council voted 5-1 in July to rezone land for a controversial limestone quarry, and did not listen to the majority of residents who opposed the idea. "What we're trying to do is protect our property," said Cantrell. "We hold no animosity or malice, and hope none is taken.  This is just democracy in action."

Vincent City attorney Corey Moore reviewed the petitions and said the effort was in vain. Moore said according to a section of the Code of Alabama, these residents can't force a recall election. "The recall only applies to a Class Five-A municipality," said Moore, "There is only one in Alabama, the city of Dothan, so there is nothing for us do further."

Vincent Mayor Ray McAllister said he was shocked by the efforts and stands by the decision to rezone land for the rock quarry.

"Jobs are needed in this area badly," said Mayor McAllister. "We feel like the decision was a good one.  You can't make everyone happy all the time."
Supporters of the effort said they are not happy with the current city government and will continue to push to get fresh faces in office.

Link to recall statute:
Code of Alabama section General Provisions
Section 11-44E-168

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