Retirement home goes high-tech

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A retirement home in Woodlawn is on the cutting edge of security technology.

The residents living at the Faush Metropolitan Manor no longer need keys to get to their apartments.  All they need are their faces. Like something out of a spy movie, the Safe Rise System uses face, voice and behaviorial recognition to allow residents in and out of the building.  

"It's better if you have a lot of packages. You don't have to put them down to look for your keys to get in and you just walk up and look into the camera and get in.  I haven't had a single problem," said Jean Howell.

All residents have to do is stand a pair of orange footprints situated near the door, look into the camera and wait.  If their face matches, they are good to enter. If a face match does not work, residents can also use a voice box that uses voice recognition.  

The technology was developed in Israel to protect the borders there. This is the first system in the southeast.

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