Bessemer Mayor proud of fight against debt

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - Bessemer Mayor Kenneth Gulley says that getting out of debt been the most difficult issue for the city during his administration, so far.
In a state-of-the-city speech Tuesday night, Gulley said when he took office, the city was about $700,000 in debt. At one point the city came close to missing payroll all together.
Gulley says things are turning around, but not without the city having to make tough cuts including laying people off.

"Some of these decisions were not very popular as we had to lay off some employees and freeze spending because actually there was nothing to spend," said Gulley.

Gulley thanked the city's creditors for being patient. He says the city's finances are currently being audited and right now they are 90% current on all city bills.

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