Limos causing a stir in Birmingham

By Ashley Nix

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Limousines are causing quite a controversy in the Arlington-West End neighborhood in Birmingham.  Specifically, limos parked in a front yard.  Neighbors say it's a big eye sore. Tuesday, Birmingham City Council agreed and pulled the business license.

On the corner of McMillon and Lomb Avenues, you'll normally see limos parked in the front of a home. At first glance it might look like a limo business. That's why neighbors are upset--they don't want limos littering their neighborhood.

"Mr. Burke doesn't live in this neighborhood," said neighbor Jesse Watts.  "And he could care less about this neighborhood."

After doing an investigation, the law department found the address on "Burke's Brothers Classic Limo Service" business license wasn't the same address where these limos are being stored.

"We're asking the council to revoke his business license," said a member of Birmingham's law team.

The council unanimously revoked his license after a lengthy public hearing. Remember a few months back when the city council passed a "no front yard parking" ordinance?

Watts says, "He changed his front yard from grass to gravel. By changing what the yard looks like doesn't make it a front yard anymore."

Councilor Johnathan Austin asked, "You poured it and covered up your whole front yard?"

Burke answered, "Yes I did."

Burke says he can no longer keep his cars at another location because of the economy.

"The small business is struggling," Burke said. "What they're saying is to revoke your license and that hurts me."

Burke's response to what he would do for the limo wasn't one neighbors were hoping for.  "What will you do now? I guess I'll take the tags off and leave them at the house, because they're now personal property.  They can no longer be classified as commercial vehicles."

Clearly this limo discussion isn't over.

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