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Editorial: Sweating the Small Stuff

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, February 22, 2011:

This last decade has been a time of extremes…9-11, Hurricane Katrina, the recent economic downturn, the Gulf Oil Spill…many lives have been changed forever.  After experiencing events like those, you often hear folks say, "Man, I'll never sweat the small stuff again!"   

Those kinds of events remind us of what is really important.  However, our memory seems to be short-lived.   Of late, in fact, we seem to be very much "sweating the small stuff"…we seem to be looking for reasons to be offended… to be upset over things that don't really matter.  How many times have you seen the anger on the highway because someone didn't give "the wave" when they were allowed to squeeze into a tight line of traffic…or when someone gets that parking space you wanted …the national media is filled with endless analysis of words and gestures used by public figures.  "What did he mean by that?"  "How offensive!"

Why are we so angry?  Has there been so much uncertainty in the last few years that we are looking for ways to release our fear and frustration?   I don't know.  Do you think we are spending too much time "sweating the small stuff"?


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