Popular phrase now in downtown Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There's another "You are Beautiful" message but not everyone will be able to see this one.  The artists climbed three stories to create the latest version.

It's on 19th Street North on the roof of First United Methodist annex building.
People in the Regions Bank building have a great view of the huge message.

James Bosarge said, "As long as they didn't vandalize anything I feel like it's pretty neat. If the church doesn't mind it being there, then why not."

Antassia Jackson said, "It's amazing that he would climb on top of a church, three stories and actually write that." But is the art becoming too much? Birmingham City Councilor Kim Rafferty says not right now.

She says the artists aren't causing any problems and they are spreading a positive message.

"If they are not out causing vandalism and making the city ugly, then I don't have an issue with what they are doing," said Councilor Rafferty.

FOX6 NEWS spoke with some at the church. They don't mind the message being on the rooftop.

They think it's great but they do wonder exactly how the artists got on top of the building.

The church has no plans to remove the message.

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