Sinkhole threatens Chilton County home

By Alan Collins

CHILTON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - A Chilton County family is worried about losing their home to sinkhole cracks. Glenn Greer lives in north Chilton County.  Everyday Greer checks his yard for ever-growing cracks which have grown deeper over the last few months.

"About three months ago I first noticed a crack in the back. After that it just got wider and wider," Greer said.

Greer noticed that his mobile home was shifting. Doors became difficult to shut. He also saw cracks developing in his shop next to the home. Cracks could also be found near County Road 54. This caused problems with a waterline which came from Wilton in Shelby County.

"We started to have no water pressure. It started trickling out," Greer said.

The water problem affected others living along roadway. The city of Wilton sent out a geologist to check the problem. A broken water line was discovered and it was believed to caused by the sinkholes. The Greers are now concerned about the future.

"We have been through a lot. The thought of having to move again is very upsetting to us." Sharon Greer said.

The geologist's official report is due next week. The Greers suspect a nearby quarry may be to blame. The Greer family is very concern the cracks will only get bigger, threatening their home.  That's why they are looking for whoever is responsible for the cracks, so they could possibly get help to move.

"I don't want to live and work in a sinkhole. Even if I could move back, I will still have a sinkhole in the front yard," Greer said.

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