Community disagrees with musicians' plans to be neighbors

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A group of musicians could be singing the blues if one neighborhood association gets its way.

A musician's cooperative is eyeing Birmingham's Norwood Community.

The Norwood Neighborhood Association voted about two years ago not to allow anymore communal living facilities in the neighborhood and that's why people are against the coop.   

It would located on 32nd Street North and would house college graduates who are aspiring musicians.

The facility provides affordable housing, a recording area and practice space for them.

Proponents of the coop stress that it's not a boarding home.

There's still hope for the musician's coop. Members will have an opportunity to change the minds of people in the neighborhood association at a meeting that's being on next Saturday.

"In that meeting the people who want to support the coop will come and present their case. Then the neighborhood association will vote and decide whether or not to support the resolution or support the coop," said Robert Gilmore, President of the Norwood Neighborhood Association  

Tyler Trierweiler with the musician's cooperative said, "They are just not knowing who we are. I think once we explain what we are about, our values, things like that, then they will understand and realize it'll be an asset for the community."

The meeting is on Saturday 26th. It'll be held at the Norwood Community Center at 10am.

The neighborhood association's president doesn't think his members will vote to allow the coop to move into the neighborhood.

Robert Gilmore says there are enough communal living facilities in the neighborhood and people have had bad experiences living next to them.

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