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Plant a tree in your yard

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Both Auburn and Alabama fans have expresed outrage over the poisoning of the oak trees at Toomer's Corner... so FOX6 is asking fans to unite by planting a tree!

Just go to your local garden center to buy a tree, then look at the links below to learn how to plant it.

Then, let us know you've planted a tree by sharing a picture with us on our Facebook page:

Auburn University is also taking orders for people wanting to buy seedlings from the oak trees at Toomer's Corner.

The seedlings are grown from acorns from the trees by the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn.  School officials say each package includes a certificate of authenticity, a tag commemorating the year your oak was born, instructions on caring for your tree, an identification tag for your tree, and a roll of toilet paper.

The school says proceeds from the sale of the seedlings will support scholarships in Auburn's School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

People can go to the website below to get information about getting a seedling in August. Or call Lane Messar at 334-844-1001 to get on a waiting list to get a seedling from the Auburn School of Forestry.


For more information on how to plant a tree, please visit one of the following pages:

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