Jeffco Commission to vote on finalizing county home sale

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – The Jefferson County Commission is on track to sell the county nursing home.

Commissioners will vote next week on giving Commission President David Carrington the authority to finalize the sale with Noland Health Services for $9.5 million. This will give Noland 30 days to look over the contract. If there are no changes made by Noland, the sale will go through. If there are changes, the issue will return to the commission for a vote.

On Tuesday, a north Alabama attorney urged Jefferson County commissioners to support the idea of healthcare authority.

Attorney Joe Campbell represents a healthcare authority in north Alabama and told commissioners about the benefits of creating a healthcare authority.

Jefferson County is considering the idea as an alternative to selling the county nursing home. The nursing home is currently costing the county around $4 million a year.

The healthcare authority would oversee the county home and Cooper Green Hospital, if created. Commissioner George Bowman, who opposes the sale, says the healthcare authority would be more efficient and cost effective.

Bowman is hosting a public meeting on the issue at 6:00 p.m. at the North Birmingham Library.

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