$1 million worth of slot machines to be destroyed in Kimberly

KIMBERLY, AL (WBRC) - About a million dollars worth of slot machines will be destroyed in Kimberly.

Kimberly police made a bust on a business about three years ago that was stripping the slot machines, installing new parts and shipping them out to undisclosed locations.

Almost 200 machines were seized and, now that all the appeals have run out, Kimberly's police department is taking them out to a landfill and destroying them.

"You break the law and we catch you, you're going down," says Sgt. Bill Isbell with Kimberly PD. "I guess they thought we were sleeping on the job, that they could come in here and do their thing or whatever, but we proved them wrong."

Police say it will take a few days for them to destroy all the machines.

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