Robert Hennessee's Korean Bibimbap

Robert Hennessee's Korean Bibimbap (mixed meal)

Serves 4
 1lb skirt steak cut in strips

¼ cup Ginger Soy Marinade (any brand)

1pkg Snow Peas

1 pkg match stick carrots

1 pkg Bean Sprouts

2 medium size yellow squash julienned

8oz sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms

1 Jar Kimshi (mild or hot)

2 cups cooked medium grain rice

4 eggs

Korean or Asian Chili Sauce (mild or hot)

4tbsp sesame oil

4tblsp Soy Sauce


Marinade the steak in plastic bag or non reactive bowl for 20 min to 2 hours.  Blanch the vegetables in boiling water one at time for one minute.  Saute the mushrooms in vegetable oil until lightly browned.  Brown the steak strips and set aside.

To assemble the dish place hot rice either in the center of a large shallow bowl or a piping hot individual cast iron serving dish brushed with Sesame oil.  Place the vegetables, steak and chili sauce in individual mounds around the rice alternating colors for a visual appeal.  Next cook the eggs over easy or sunny side up and place in the center of each plate.  Dash with soy sauce and serve.

To really enjoy the full flavor of the dish each guest then mixes the ingredients together just before enjoying.

Remember:  Use any fresh vegetables you like but be sure to get a good variety of colors.  Chicken or Salmon are great substitutes for the skirt steak.

GDA Cooking - February 14, 2011