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Police dog helps find missing Oneonta boys

ONEONTA, AL (WBRC) - A K-9 police dog, having been back on the job for only two days, helped police in Blount County find two missing boys Sunday night.

Oneonta Police Chief James Chapman told FOX6 News two boys, ages seven and 10, went missing around sunset Sunday night near Palisades Park near Oneonta. Officers and firefighters from Oneonta and deputies from Blount County began the search.  

In addition, Oneonta Police put K-9 officer Negao on the search. Negao had recently been to North Carolina to train with his new handler, Officer Tommy Herd, after the dog's old partner had taken a job with the district attorney's office. Despite worries over the canine officer's ability to work with a new partner, Negao was able to locate both boys in less than an hour.

Chief Chapman says Negao has proven his worth to the department several times over. He is credited with over 50 drug busts over the past year and now can add the rescue of two boys to his record.

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