Tuition hikes may be in store for AL higher ed

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Leaders of the state's colleges and universities are discussing raising tuition again. They say, even with recent hikes, the schools are still hurting.

Paying for college is something many parents save for. But that dream sounds far out of reach when you talk to some of the state's most influential voices on education funding.

Some inside the Legislature say tuition increases are all but guaranteed. College leaders say that is not the case. One of those is UAB President Dr. Carol Garrison.

 I know that every institution, every board looks at that issue very seriously, tries to keep tuition as low as possible, but there is a direct relationship between the amount of state funding that is available and the kinds of tuition increases that I think you will see," said Garrison.

Higher education leaders did not present a budget request to lawmakers, instead they want to sit down and negotiate what is best for the four year schools.

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