Your cubicle could be getting even smaller

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – The office institution that is the cubicle may be getting smaller.

An article on says research shows companies are tightening up the office space due to the troubled economy and use of mobile technology. Some companies are getting rid of the cubicle altogether to make use of space-friend open offices.

The article states that 90 square feet of office space for the average worker has been pushed down to 75 square feet for the 2010 worker. Employees of tech company Intel are now put in 48 square foot stations that are almost half the space of their former 72 square foot areas.

Senior office workers also felt the crunch of space saving. 115 square feet in 1994 translates to 96 square feet in 2010. It is not much to complain about except for the fact that office space for executive management increased in the same time span.

Many companies are now embracing the idea of open and mobile offices. Younger and tech-savvy employees are using laptops and wireless technology to break free from designated work space and moving freely to different areas while remaining on the job.

Those finding themselves packed into a cubicle should not worry too much about it. Having a job with small workspace beats having tons of workspace with no job.

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