Jefferson County votes to end merit pay raises

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County employees will have to make ends meet without merit pay raises. On Tuesday, the Jefferson County Commission voted unamiously to suspend merit pay raises for a year.

The county is facing financial troubles because a Montgomery judge has struck down the occupational tax. This means a loss of about $70 million to the county.

Jefferson County commissioners say they are still looking for ways to cut their budgets and save jobs.

"There will be no mass layoffs or cuts in jobs until we have a ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court," said Commissioner David Carrington. "If we do, we will do legislative action."

Suspending the merit raises for the county will save about $2 million.

The county has appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court to reinstate the occupational tax. Commissioners say if they fail to get a favorable ruling and if Alabama lawmakers fail to reinstate some sort of tax, county jobs will be lost.

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