State to fix interstate potholes

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Good news for drivers who battle potholes and bumps on I-65 and I-459. Officials with the Alabama Department of Transportation report they will begin resurfacing parts of both interstates this spring and summer.

Work on I-65 will be concentrated between I-459 and Highway 31. Officials have accepted a bid from a contractor. Work should begin in March.

Work in I-459 will be done in two phases. First from Highway 280 to Grants Mill Road, and then from Grants Mill Road to Trussville.  In the meantime, ALDOT officials will continue to patch the bad spots on both interstates until the permanent repairs can be done. Officials said another cold winter has made road conditions even worse.

"Cold temperatures have wreaked havoc on our pavement," said Brian Davis with ALDOT. "Last spring we had pavement that was unraveled at the seams, and we can expect to see that this year." Davis said mother nature can also delay their repair work, and long term projects, so he is asking residents to be patient. "Motorists need to understand there are certain conditions we can do a patch in, and certain conditions we can't," said Davis, "Every time you need to be out there you may not be able to be out there, but it will get done."

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