"Backpack Buddies" sends food home with hungry kids

SHELBY COUNTY, ALA. (WBRC) - A program called "Backpack Buddies" sends home bags of food to under-nourished Shelby County students over the weekend to make sure they will have something nutritious to eat.

"The children, some of them are just leaping and running around, they're just so happy to have their own little bag of food for the weekend. And I think that's because they need a little control over their own food supply on the weekend. It just is something extra to keep them from not being hungry," said Stephanie Grissom, the program director for Vineyard Family services.

Seven of Shelby County's schools are at high-risk for under-nutrition among students, but right now the program only has enough support to help four schools. Anyone interested in supporting the program can donate individually packaged food or grocery gift cards, host a food drive for the program, or a company can sponsor an entire school for $3,200 dollars.

Backpack Buddies bags currently include the following items:

*Ravioli or other pop-top type meal item

*Granola bars

*Oatmeal or grits

*Applesauce or fruit cups

*100% juice boxes

*Pudding cups

*Cheese or peanut butter crackers

Items must be nutritious, shelf-stable, single serve, child-friendly, self-serve food designed to fill a backpack and feed a child over the weekend.

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